MACROCONSULT is the economic consultancy company of the MACRO GROUP specializing in development issues and high level advisory on economic matters that allow our clients to make informed decisions in a changing world.

– Solid reputation as reliable and skilled independent professionals within the Peruvian market.

– Broad network of national and international consultants and researchers.

– Only Peruvian consulting company that is part of the Alliance of Latin American Economic Consultants (LAECO).

– Services portfolio geared toward public and private sectors, as well as international organizations.

– Broad range of contacts with business, academic and government sectors.

– Active participation in civil society as a prestigious think tank.

Economic consulting services encompass four main categories: macroeconomic analysis and applied economics, social and economic development, competition and regulation, and sector studies and market analysis.

– Macroeconomic Analysis

– MACROCONSULT follows economic developments in Peru and abroad by means of its Information System.

– The MACROCONSULT Information System  (SIM) allows the analysis of tendencies and the impact on business resulting from international and political events, as well as the more relevant legal norms.

– Additionally, MACROCONSULT provides economic projections at national, regional and sectorial levels to aid in decision-making.

– We offer a broad range of products: weekly and monthly reports, as well as regular meetings with senior executives and high-ranking public sector officials.

– Economic and Social Development

– MACROCONSULT’s Economic and Social Development area is in charge of high level studies in the field of development microeconomics.

– Specialization in impact evaluations of public policies, research the population’s living standards formulation of public policies to promote social inclusiveness, and strategies for poverty reduction.

– Additional services provided include preparation of baselines, development of monitoring systems, social investment planning, and public management advisory.

– Regulation and Competition

– Extensive experience and proven leadership in economic analysis of regulatory systems and free competition.

– Areas of specialization include infrastructure activities such as power, natural gas, hydrocarbons, ports, airports, railways, water and sewage systems, roads and transport, and telecommunications, among others.

– We have worked together with our clients on regulatory processes in various industries, advising them on demand studies, tariff calculation methodologies, productivity factors, and discount rate calculations, among others.

– In addition, we have extensive experience in the analysis of competitive conditions for various markets, as well as cases of collusion and market manipulation.

– Sector Studies and Market Analysis

– MACROCONSULT provides guidance to clients interested in diversifying their operations or seeking new business opportunities.

– We lead teams specializing in quantitative and qualitative studies aimed at determining the feasibility of new business opportunities.

– We are experienced in the analysis of different markets, conducting demand projections for various products and services, strategic analysis of market behavior and identification of the main market trends within which our clients operate.


Alvaro Monge

General Manager